Kalahari Bundu Bash 2015

Kalahari Bundu Bash 2015

For readers unfamiliar with this event, here’s a brief overview.

The destination is Koppieskraal Pan, a large dry lakebed right in the corner of South Africa, adjacent to Botswana and Namibia. This is about as far from civilization as you can get without a passport. The hosts are widely known as Mamma & Pappa Kalahari Ansa and Eben Mocké.

They really deserve their titles, for without them this event would be wishful thinking. This has become a must- attend  flying event!

It is Wednesday afternoon the 10th of June. This year the Dundi Lodge Airstrip will be coming alive, trike wings will be assembled and rigged onto under carriages. The Light Sport fixed-wing and gyroplane aircraft will be tied down to a sturdy cable. Mamma Kalahari and her Team will be welcoming returned and new KBB friends, the registration pack will be filled with goodies! Mamma Kalahari & her Team has been busy!

The KBB 2015 Pilots and Friend will spend this afternoon at leisure and will be flying along the mighty Orange River. Mamma & Pappa Kalahari will treat them to dinner back at the mighty Augrabies Falls.

Thursday morning, the 11th of June, everybody is ready to take on the big red Kalahari in full force and will be flying over Augrabies Falls on route to Koppieskraal pan, the halfway break at Goera Pan. Brunch and ordered fuel are waiting for all the pilots.

Arriving at Koppieskraalpan, base camp for the next three days, everybody is in great spirits after the pleasant 115.2 nautical mile flight from Dundi. Here you can fly when you want, where you want, as low as you want!

The Koppieskraalpan Pan, or dry lake, is about 10kilometres (6 miles) wide and 15 kilometres (9 miles) long, with no fences or telephone lines to worry about. Just over the dunes to the northwest lies Hakskeenpan, a pan so big you can land an Airbus380-300 there and do touch and goes without even doing a circuit!

At base camp, you are treated to 5-Star catering like you have never seen before. It is supplied by the local community, as is all the equipment. This includes warm water showers (yes, you are reading correctly, warm water showers in the middle of nowhere!), toilets, and chairs. Every 5-Star convenience you can think of is brought 100kilometres (62 miles) to this spot in the middle of nowhere.

The Kalahari Bundu Bash is a family event. Bring your tent and come enjoy the Green Kalahari from the sky with no worries about ATCs or aircraft radios. The airmanship practiced by the pilots attending the Bundu is without equal. On  Friday and Saturday, the skies above Koppieskraal Pan looked like Heathrow in London. This is true flying and it is a must for everybody.

Sunday morning everybody packs up their camping gear and returns home, either through Upington or Dundi Lodge, after a weekend that will surely not be forgotten.

That’s a look at what flying in the Kalahari and flying the Bundu is all about. Come and join us for the flying time of your life!